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A confidential letter to Tom and John

Discussion in 'Letters and Documents' started by VulpesCallida, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. VulpesCallida

    VulpesCallida Retired Retired Kojima and Server Duct Tape

    Jul 10, 2013

    It'd be a few days after the arrival of the Lambda trope to the renewed Stockholm in late 2019, notorious for its harshness towards outsiders and lack of relocations, probably due to the major incidents that took place within it four years ago. A member of the resistance would've found their way through the sewers in a rather drastic and hurry-some way then, seemingly wishing to leave as fast as they came. It'd be one of the so-called 'mailmen': highly trained scouts whose jobs surrounded critical intel delivery. In this case, they provided the adequate 'correspondence' delivered straight from multiple nearby cells, and other information that was so sensible the risk of interception far outdid the benefits of radio communication. One package in particular, however, was directed personally to Tom Bouchard and John Thorne - and it consisted of a sealed letter and a bunch of maps.

    The scout verified the delivery with the people in question and dissapear, leaving the packages behind, and taking up new ones. Once Tom and John inspected the letter, satisfyingly cutting the wax seal in half with a small letter opener, they would find a fast yet surprisingly small calligraphy, all too recognisable. As they started reading the two-page contents, it went as such:

    "Tom, John, my brothers,

    I'm writing to you for a multitude of reasons. I'm not the best at writing, so you'll have to excuse me. As you're aware, I'm currently in the near-lands of St. Petersburg, leading a storm-cell under Bureau's command. There's a few things you should know, to do with this city of mine and the one you're setting foot on. Bureau - he should be the one writing this, but, he still holds somewhat of a grudge to you two. He's a very positive and eager man, and has always supported me and my leadership, but when I mention these recent problems he's had with you, he gets very grumpy, even angry...He's weird. You know him.

    By his orders, I've been organizing and leading a siege to the city. Slowly but surely, we've been cutting off train lines, access routes, weakening the walls from behind, warehouses, blockades - even carried out a major hit during a SWORD recruit training. We assaulted a facility, and, with the help of a few signal inhibitors and a few uniforms, we disguised as SHIELDs to infiltrate the backline of the response team. We lost a few good men (and women), but the blow was devastating. In fact, that pesky sector commander that orchestrated the outland bombings back in Tokyo, 419, got either killed or removed from power for it all. Eighteen is now Union-leaderless, and we keep thriving.

    I'm telling you this because Bureau wants Eighteen, and he wants it soon. Ruined or not, it's a huge power node, very near City Seventeen. According to him, he wants you to join us eventually - just take into account the train tracks are not in the best of shape after what I've been carrying, so it'll take time. I'm sure the Combine are also preparing for an offensive. But before all of that, we need to weaken their presence in the directly connected hubs. Fourty-five is one of them.

    As you already know, since our forces in Stockholm are...Well, let's say, barely formed after that one civil war that forces us out of it, four years ago, we don't have too much resources over in your area. However, since after the assault I've been laying low for a while, I've taken the opportunity to scout ahead for you guys. But you're not gonna like the intel I got. It's surprised me, it's surprised Bureau, it's surprised the personnel in White Forest we've contacted.

    It's hard to word, so I'll be straight with it. The entire port-side of the city has been turned into some kind of restricted area, likely belonging to the transhumans. Our scouts couldn't get very close, so I don't have much more details about it, but it is so impressively big it is scary. The docks and the nearby factories have all been turned into a gigantic military field basing, with a new massive building erecting in the center of the central island of the city. There's all kinds of outposts around, but that one island I just mentioned is heavily guarded.

    One of the maps contains the areas our scouts delimited as dangerous or under constant transhuman patrol, as well as an outline to let you know where you are. I know there's a big old sewer canal that used to connect to one of the main canals of the city too, but none of the maps show it.

    Listen, we've seen a similar but far smaller facility in Helsinki too, we're already taking care of it. They act as a multi-service base of sorts. These central, bigger buildings have everything - from laboratories to offices to training fields. They are a real danger. Tom, John, I can't stress this enough, we need to find what the fuck is up with these structures and find a way to stall them, or disable them. Or if there's more. To see such large areas under O.T.A. control...

    Yours is probably the biggest we've spotted as of yet, with the most area under its control. I wish I could justify its appearance - probably something to do with the civil war that took place here. They did win it, after all. Is this one of their displays of power? Or are they up to something? Bureau is really nervous about it - no doubt that, between Helsinki and this, they have more than enough means to completely suppress any cities on the Northern coast of Europe or nearby the Baltic.

    A mixture of synths, C.P. and mostly conscripts, even the T.A., keep all the area under watch day and night. Most of the still usable buildings have been reshaped for production, a lot of naval movement, all in the middle of the war ruins... There's no citizens whatsoever in the area, besides weirdly dressed ones (with weird collaring) very nearby the major building I pinpointed, likely the HQ. We couldn't distinguish them much, but what from the scouts say, we reckon they are likely prisoners of sorts. Not only mustn't they be common ones, but they must be being used for something.

    I wish I could ask this some other, nicer way, but we need you to find out what the hell all of that is about. Try to keep it on the down-low, because we don't need panic spreading about some kind of massive Ministry of Peace facility lurking around. However, let's try to subtly keep our people away from trouble - we need to avoid alerting them we're there. I'm sending you another map of the outposts we have confirmed, nearby the city, both Lambda refugees and O.T.A.

    I wish I could've saved us all of this writing, or written about something else, but shit's not fine at all. It's only been a month, but things without you lot around are so very different already. Give Scout and Mia a big hug for me, tell Reese to behave, and tell Michelle that I'm safe, that I love her. And of course, both of you, take care. I'm pretty sure Bureau wants you to, even if he won't say it...

    I hope to hear from you as soon as it's possible, and forgive me for my stupid writing.

    Your brother,
    Christopher A. O'Connor"

    Below the letter is the package with the rest of the information he promised - two maps and a few pictures, which is likely all his team snatched in time, when it came to the patrols, the dock activity, and this huge building.