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Back to City 45

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Paladin Reese, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Paladin Reese

    Paladin Reese Supreme Overlord Staff Member Owner

    Jul 9, 2013
    Chapter 1- The Aftermath​

    A huge explosion can be heard in the distance from the direction of the city. A few seconds later I was thrown into the side of the building I was standing outside of, my rifle being tossed from my hand, as I hit the wall, slumping to the ground. I wake up to the sound of screaming as people are running further away from the city and debris falling from the sky. A large piece of metal hits the side of the building, parts of the building’s roof falling on top of me. I covered my face as the debris fell, scratching up my hands as I rolled out of the way of the building.

    “Reese, we need to get out of here!” is all I could hear as part of the roof falls just where I was knocked unconscious. I look up and see a tall man in a trench coat standing in front of me, his rifle pointed down the block.

    “Get up!” he said in a vo-coded voice. Confused, I scramble to grab my rifle that was thrown from my hands a couple feet away. I quickly stand up, aiming the rifle at the Officer, unable to clearly see the man in front of him, my vision blurry from getting knocked against the wall before. A few seconds pass by, realizing that the man in front of me was John Thorne. Thorne was a former Metropolice Officer who defected and quickly rose the ranks in the Resistance, showing is loyalty to the cause.

    “Thorne?” I said, confused.

    “Who else would it be, Captain? Now come on, the city is destroyed and we need to leave before the fire reaches the slums.”

    I relax myself, finally understanding the matter at hand. I look towards the city, smoke and flames engulfing the horizon. “And how do you expect us to do that? No doubt they already evacuated the citizens by tra-.” I stopped mid-sentence, coming to a realization. The trains that leave the city come through this area, about a kilometer north from where Thorne and I are currently standing. Thorne wants us to hop on the train to leave the city. However, there is one problem with that. Our clothing: we will stick out like a sore thumb.

    “Here, I keep a spare City 18 jumpsuit with me just in case.” Thorne realized I have already figured out what he was planning on doing. “For now, call me Carl.”

    “It’s as if you were reading my mind…Carl,” I said, laughing. “Just call me John Riley.”

    “John Riley?” He looked at me, confused.

    “Yes, just go along with it, and enough chit-chat.” I said sternly, glaring at John grabbing the jumpsuit. I walked into the partially destroyed building, dumping my body armor and putting on the used City 18 jumpsuit.

    “Let’s go Reese!” Thorne said in a normal undistorted voice.

    “That is something I need to get used to” I said, catching up to him.

    Thorne and I continued North on the war-torn path, avoiding the falling debris from the city. Finally, the railroad tracks can be seen in the distance and a train in the distance to our east, heading away from the city.

    “Thorne!” I shouted.

    “Yes, Reese, I know.” He said as we both started running towards the tracks, the train’s whistle getting louder and louder by the second.

    As I reached the tracks, with Thorne following behind me, the front of the train has already passed by and continuing to pass by. I picked up my speed, chasing after the train, eventually grabbing on to one of the ladder rungs at the end of a train car. I lifted myself up a few rungs, reaching for Thorne. “Grab my hand!” I shouted. Thorne jumped, grabbing my hand. I hoisted him up onto the ladder of the train and we climbed to the top, trying to find a way in. Thorne and I made our way to the back of the train, where we were able to enter the train through the door in the back. Surprisingly, the rear car was empty. This must have been the last evacuation train from the city.

    Thorne and I made our way to another train car, which is full of former City 08 citizens, all in a mix of different emotions. Some can be seen asleep next to their friends, some are nervous and panicking, and some even look injured.

    “Oh, hello you two, I didn’t see you guys get on” One of the citizens said, “but on the other hand it was quite chaotic.”

    “Uh-huh” I said, nodding. “Where are we heading anyway?”

    “I believe they said it was City 45…” the citizen said, before turning to the window looking outside of it. It was clear he didn’t want to talk to us.

    “Hear that, Carl?” I said, turning to Thorne, “we’re going to City 45!”

    “Fantastic…” he said, clearly not amused one bit, going to sit down in one of the empty chairs next to the window. I followed suit, sitting next to him. I made myself as comfortable as I could, eventually dozing off to this long trip to City 45.

    Chapter 2- The VIP​

    “Hurry it up Shadow!” I shouted, reloading my Ruger 9mm. “There’s more of them coming!”

    “I am, I am!” Shadow responded, “She should be right through this door, but I can’t get it open!”

    “Just take your time, it’s okay!” I said, sarcastically firing two shots into the facemask of a Metropolice Unit. He drops to the ground with a loud thud, as I duck behind cover as more bullets fly past me. I quickly stand back up, firing two more shots into the face of a second Metropolice Officer and another two into the third and final Metropolice Officer in front of me, both drop to the ground with a loud thud. I can hear a few more coming in the distance. I take out my last grenade, rolling it toward the dead Metropolice Officers. I turn my back to the grenade as it explodes, the ceiling and walls collapsing before me.

    “What was that!?” Shadow asked.

    “Me buying you some more time, now get to work!” I shouted, but before I can hear Shadow shouting “Drop the gun!” at the top of his lungs.

    That’s weird, there shouldn’t be anyone else here besides the VIP. Was Scout’s intel wrong?

    I raise my weapon, making my way to the room that Shadow is in. In the corner of the room, I can see Shadow aiming his pistol at what appears to be a properly groomed high ranking Metropolice Officer in a suit. On his left shoulder I can only make out the letters “SI” and digits “777.” I enter the room, aiming my weapon at the man in the suit. In his arms he has our VIP taken hostage with a pistol up against her head.

    I glance at Shadow, keeping my weapon trained on the man in the suit. He looks pissed. After all, the VIP was Michelle, his fiancée. Scout learned a couple days ago that she was taken hostage by a Metropolice Officer, to draw out Tom and Shadow. We were able to find Michelle, without drawing any attention, up until this point.

    “Drop the weapons, or she takes a bullet to the head!” shouted the mysterious Metropolice Unit.

    “Shadow…I don’t have a shot!”

    “I know, I know, neither do I.”

    All of a sudden, beeping can be heard on the other side of the wall, in between where Shadow and the mysterious unit is standing.

    “Shadow, lo-,” but before I can get it out, the wall explodes, throwing Shadow into the hallway. I lower my weapon, shielding myself from the debris, but quickly recovered. As I aimed my weapon back up to the mysterious unit, I hear a gunshot ringing, Michelle dropping to the ground.

    “No!” I shouted, firing my weapon at the unit, but I missed as he retreated through the hole in the wall. Before I could react, I hear a weapon firing from the hole in the wall and a stinging sensation in my chest. I drop to the ground, unable to move.

    A figure hovers over me and all I can hear is “John…John…wake up John.”

    Suddenly I wake up to Thorne shaking me and the sound of the Razor train coming to a screeching halt.

    Chapter 3- The Japanese Port​

    “Gave me quite a scare there” Thorne said, as we made our way out of the train and to the checkpoint further down the road, leading to the port. “You were moving around in your sleep as if you were getting shot at.”

    “Yeah, sorry about that Carl. I was having a dream. It was about that Metropolice prick 777 kidnapping Michelle. Shadow, Scout, and I figured out where he was holding her, and so Shadow and I went after her. It took a turn for the worse, however when we learned, the hard way, that 777 was still in the room with her.”

    “Well that can’t be too bad…” Thorne said, trying to cheer me up.

    “That’s not the worst of it,” I said, continuing to keep in step with Thorne as the line leading to the trains exit progressed forward. “Shadow and I were devising a plan on how to save Michelle, when a rescue team for 777 blew a hole in the wall, throwing Shadow backwards. This is when 777 put a bullet in Michelle’s head, before he shot me in the chest after escaping from the room. That’s when you woke me up.

    “That’s one hell of a dream, John, but remember that’s all it is. Don’t think into it too much.”

    “I’ll be fine, now let’s figure out where we are.” I said, allowing Thorne to leave the train ahead of me.

    I followed after Thorne, stepping off to the side of the train platform, looking around.

    “Look at that,” Thorne said, pointing to a Metropolice checkpoint in the distance.

    “Yeah, a Metropolice Checkpoint. Guess our next trip on this evacuation route is that boat” I said, pointing to the large run-down cruise ship looking boat in the harbor.

    “John, do you have any idea what port we’re at?” Thorne asked, keeping his eye on a Metropolice unit in the distance by the checkpoint.

    I continued to scan the area, looking for a sign of some point. As we continued to slowly make our way towards the check point, I saw a sign by a bus stop, which stated “Port of Kanazawa.”

    “We’re in Kanazawa” I said to Thorne.

    “We must be getting shipped off to Russia. We’re in for the long haul, John.”

    “Don’t tell me we’re getting shipped off to Sweden by train through all of Asia.” I frowned, looking at John.

    “Looks like it.” He said, smiling.

    “Fantastic” I said sarcastically, turning back ahead. The line at the checkpoint stopped and we could hear a commotion starting up ahead. I can see a Metropolice officer attacking a citizen with his stunstick. A knife can be seen in the citizen’s hands. Thorne and I rush over, where a crowd is starting to form. The Metropolice unit hits the citizen in the hand with his stun baton, knocking the knife on to the ground behind me. I go to turn around to grab the knife. “Better that Thorne or I have this” I thought, staring into a man holding the knife.

    “Put the knife down” I said, getting into a defensive stance, “you don’t want to do this.”

    In the corner of my eye, I see the citizen starting to somehow overpower the Metropolice unit and Thorne dragging the citizen off of the Metropolice unit. At the same time, the deranged citizen thrusted the knife at me. I easily deflecting the attempt, knocking him backwards.

    “I said stop!” Not listening to me, the citizen charges at me, swinging high with the knife. I block with my left arm, grabbing the citizen’s wrist with my right hand, spinning the citizen around, locking his arm behind his back, slightly lifting him up in the air. The citizen then drops the knife. I push him away into the crowd, quickly and quietly grabbing the knife and sticking it inside my boot. I look around, making sure I wasn’t seen.

    I can hear Thorne in the background, trying to prevent a riot from starting. I walk back over to him, where two other Metropolice units are arresting the citizen that attacked the first one, and a Shield unit attending to the Metropolice Officer that was beat up by the surprisingly strong citizen.

    I walk up to Thorne, whispering in his ear that retrieved the knife from the ground.

    “This is going to turn into a riot,” Thorne whispered, “they are all delusional fools.”

    One of the citizens started inching closer to the Metropolice Officers arresting the citizen.

    “Move back right now!” the one unit said, taking out his stun baton, raising it threateningly.

    “See?” Thorne said. I nodded in agreement, as we slipped past the checkpoint using the chaos of the starting riot.

    We continued up to where the boat is docked where another Metropolice Officer handed each of us a keycard with the number “225” on it. He pulls up his datapad, asking for us to “Apply.”

    Thorne and I look at each other and back to the unit. He was too busy looking at his datapad to notice.

    “Well…” he said, in a deep vo-coded voice. Tapping his foot impatiently.

    “John Riley, coming from City 08,” I said. The unit types my name into his datapad. He seems to stare at the information on the screen for a moment and then types only three things into it, presumably the room number on our keycards.\

    “Right, you’re all set,” he says, “and you?” he asks, looking at Thorne.

    “Carl Jackson” Thorne said, without skipping a beat.

    The Metropolice unit pulls up his information on the datapad, also typing in three things into the datapad.

    “These are your keycards used to enter your rooms in the boat. Keep them on you at all times as they are also proof of your registration on the boat. Anyone caught without a keycard will be arrested immediately.” He puts his datapad away, stepping out of the way to the boat ramp, allowing us to pass. Thorne and I just look at each other and walk up to the boat.

    Chapter 4- The Japanese Coast​

    The boardwalk to the boat took longer than normal, this is because of the Combine technology made the coast lines around the world basically a baron wasteland. Thorne and I eventually got to the boat, where we showed our IDs to the Metropolice Officer. He gave us a nod, returning our IDs to us, and we entered the ship.

    Inside the ship looked like an old cruise liner that was abandoned for what appeared to be about 50 years, before the Combine took it over and outfit it to fit their needs. Almost every corner and room had security cameras installed. We continued to make our way to the deck indicated on our ID cards. Thorne and I made every attempt to memorize our surroundings, since this is going to be long journey through the sea to Russia.

    We got into our room with ease. If anyone has ever been on a cruise before, it almost looks like a small hotel room. To our left, right inside the door way was a bathroom, and straight ahead were two twin sized beds, one in a small alcove next to the bathroom and one on the far end of the room. To our right was a small desk with a refrigerator on it. I walked to the bed, put my knife on the table and jumped on the bed, exhausted. Thorne was checking out the room. I knew what he was doing, and it was better off just letting him be. Besides I didn’t want to move right now.

    About 15 minutes later, Thorne locked the door to the room and sat down on the bed. There was a small TV in the corner of the room, which he put on. Neither of us really like to watch TV, mostly because there was only propaganda on with Breen talking most of the time, but it was for background noise. There were a few reasons for it, the first was so if we needed to talk about something private, no one would be really be able to hear us, and the second was so we wouldn’t blow our cover until we were able to get out of the prying eyes of the Combine.

    After what seemed like an eternity, I drifted off to sleep for a little while, only to be woken up by the sound of crackling noise on the ceiling.

    “What was that?” I shot up, asking Thorne.

    “It sounded like a-“but before Thorne could finish his thought, what we now know as a loudspeaker turned on, and all we can hear was an unfamiliar voice saying: “Welcome aboard the SS Prospekt, all citizens are aboard and accounted for. The ship will be departing within the next few minutes, after that rations in select parts of the ship will be opened up for all citizens. Estimated time to the mainland is approximately three days.”

    “Three days? At this rate, we’ll be in City 45 within the next 14 days.” I said, lying back down, getting comfortable again. “Guess we may as well get accustomed to the life of being a citizen.”

    “Not necessarily a bad thing. What happened after City 08, the Combine will sure as hell be on high alert. Feels good not having to go on the run all the time. Think about it, we are being shipped off to City 45 and we’re lying in some comfortable beds” Thorne exclaimed, lowering the TV a little bit and lying down on his bed. I could feel the boat starting to move. We were finally on our way to the mainland.

    A few minutes passed as we sat in our beds. Outside our door we can hear the scuffling of citizens as they were making their way down to where the rations were being distributed. I could hear Thorne’s stomach from across the room.

    “Hungry?” I asked, as I sat up, chuckling.

    “Just a little” Thorne said, getting up from his bed heading to the door. “Let’s go and see what’s happening.”

    I got up from my bed and grabbed the knife and my ID card from the table. I put my knife in my boot and the ID card in my pocket. I followed Thorne out of the room and to the right, making sure to close the door behind me. We followed the group of citizens through the hallways. There was a few of them walking the opposite direction from us, in their hands a ration packet.

    As we were about to make a right, one citizen seemed agitated an din a rush, bumping into Thorne, knocking him into the wall.

    “Watch it!” Thorne shouted, regaining his balance. The man stopped and turned, not saying a word. I could see a ration packet in his hand, but I could not make out his face, as he was wearing a hoodie. As he was about to turn back around, I saw a black tattoo on his left hand, but I couldn’t make out what it was. The lighting was poor and he had a sleeve covering half his hand.

    I heard a shout from down the hall and turned around. Thorne ran ahead to check what was going on, before I did, I turned around and the mysterious man was gone.

    I rushed up to Thorne, with a citizen bleeding to death on the floor. Around his neck was an eagle necklace and on the floor next to him, a blood stained ration package.

    Chapter 5- The Blood-Stained Ration​

    Thorne put two fingers to the male’s neck, feeling for a pulse. A few seconds went by before Thorne looked up at me and shook his head. He was dead. In the distance, what appeared to be a few Metropolice Units and a staff of Hospital Workers, came rushing down the hallway.

    “Thorne, I have to go check something out, stay with him and explain to the Metropolice what happened” I said, turning around towards the way Thorne and I originally came from.

    “You’re giving me orders!?” Thorne said jokingly.

    I started walking away, shrugging. “You know that’s not what it was. I’ll be back.”

    As I turned the corner, I can hear Thorne in the background starting to talk to the Metropolice Officers. I continued to walk down the hallway, cautiously. Flashing back to a few minutes ago, to the man that bumped into Thorne, knocking him into the wall. A suspicious man, with a hoodie over his head and a weird black tattoo on his left hand. The part of the tattoo I was able to see looked familiar, but everything happened too fast.

    I came up to a break in the hallways, an intersection of sorts. “I wonder where he went?” I stood there, pondering the situation when all of a sudden, I heard a distorted voice crying out to my right and a loud thud. I cautiously made my way down the hallway and peered around the corner. About 10 feet away from me I saw what appears to be an unconscious Metropolice unit on the ground and a 9mm pistol in his hands. In the distance at the end of the hallway, I saw a figure turning into another hallway.

    I quickly grab the pistol from unit’s hands and any extra magazines from his belt, making my way down the hallway with the weapon raised. Before I can make it to the end of the hallway, I could hear the sound of boots coming from behind me and vocoded voices speaking about a man in a hoodie. I hid the pistol in my jumpsuit, quickly looking around. To my left there appeared to be a janitorial closet. I quickly opened it and jumped inside, closing the door behind me. A few seconds later, I could hear the Metropolice units stop in front of the door, with their radios echoing because they were too close. I held my breath. All I could make out was “hooded man” and “crowd of people.” One of the units said “10-4” and ran away, in the direction I was heading in.

    “At least I wasn’t going completely insane” I said to myself, as I slowly opened the door. I got out of the closet, closed the door behind me, and walked back to where Thorne was. He was still standing next to the body as other Metropolice units were interviewing the other citizens who were around when it happened.

    “Where did you go?” Thorne asked, looking down at the body. Frowning.

    “I’ll tell you later,” I said, observing the body. The face was cut up beyond recognition and he had a puncture wound to his left chest, just below his heart. The killer must have hit his lung, causing it to collapse. The victim bled out into his chest cavity and suffocated to death. Poor man.

    I took one more look at the body, I noticed something was off. The victim was missing his necklace, but before I could ask Thorne what happened, he taps me on the shoulder and goes, “John, let’s go back to the room, so we can discuss what’s going on.” I saw a chain in his right hand, and nodded.

    As we were making our way back to the room, rationless, I looked at the scene again, and noticed that the Metropolice didn’t care at all about what happened, as if they had something better to do. No one covered up the body and is in complete chaos, people are walking around the body and through the pool of blood on the ground. The Metropolice just picked up the body and threw it on a stretcher, just to get it out of the way.

    “Look at them,” I said, following Thorne, “None of them give a shit.”

    “This is what the world has come to, selfishness” he said, sighing.

    When we got to our room, we quickly locked the door behind us and sat on our beds. I took out the knife and tossed it on to Thorne’s bed. “You’re better off with this than I am,” I said, pulling out my pistol I took off the Metropolice unit. I opened up the shades to our room. It was night out. All I can see were the stars and the moon reflecting off the vast sea. The sea was calm, unlike the day Thorne and I had.

    “What? Oh…” he said, partially confused until he looked up and saw I was brandishing the firearm. I dropped the magazine from the gun and noticed that it was full. I racked back the gun and found that the chamber was empty. I replaced the magazine and racked back the gun, chambering a bullet. I then put the gun on the table next to me.

    “Look what I found on the body” Thorne said, throwing me an ID card. On the card had the name “Max Connor.” The picture also confirmed that was him. Thorne also showed me an Eagle necklace, the same one I saw earlier on the body.

    “That person killed Eagle, Reese” Thorne said, visibly angry “and no one gives a shit.”

    “I do,” I said, putting the ID in my pocket and taking the necklace from Thorne. “I’ll find out who did this to him. Which reminds me. I should explain why I ran off after finding the body.”

    “You were chasing after that hooded man that bumped into me?” Thorne asked.

    I nodded. “Yup. I almost had him, until I heard Metropolice units coming up behind me. I had to abandoned the pursuit and hide in a closet.”

    “I saw something on his hand, resembling a ‘hand’. I know, I know. A tattoo of a ‘hand’ on a ‘hand’. Do you know what that means? The Black Hand has come out of hiding and killing our own now.”

    I sighed, taking my gun and putting it underneath my pillow. I turned off the light to the room and went to lie down on my bed. “One hell of a first day on this boat,” I said.

    “And a longer two days after that.” Thorne said as I drifted off to sleep.

    Chapter 6- The Girl on the Boat​

    The last two days on the boat were kind of uneventful, but unique. It was different having to adhere to the Combine rule, but we had to otherwise we won’t make it to City 45. I could not come up with any more leads as to who may have killed Eagle, besides what I already have. The man was good at staying hidden, even on a cruise ship. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking. I tried to keep all eyes off of us as I much as I can so the Civil Protection doesn’t try to take a closer look at Thorne and I. The less scrutiny with our situation, the better.

    I woke up, early, to the sound of the PA system:

    “We will be docking at our destination within the next two hours. Gather all of your belongings before exiting the boat. Anything left behind will be destroyed.”

    I sat up on my bed, rubbing my eyes. It took me a minute to adjust to my surroundings, this was the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time. I grabbed my pistol from underneath my pillow and put it in my waistband. I stood up from my bed, grabbing the magazines from the tablet by Thorne’s bed, putting them in my pocket.

    “Thorne?” I asked, “we’re almost off this bo-.” I turned, he wasn’t there. I was talking to myself at this point. Wonder where he went? Throughout our time on the ship, the Civil Protection were a little more generous than normal, so it appeared. They opened up rations a little more than normal. Thorne and I were used to not eating much, so I found a backpack in one of the many closets in this ship, where we stored some of the extra non-perishable food that Thorne and I didn’t eat. The backpack was not very suspicious because there were a handful of other citizens who were wearing them. The backpacks had whatever these people could stuff into it before they were forced to leave City 08.

    I grabbed the backpack, slinging around my shoulder, and took one last look around the room, making sure that Thorne and I didn’t forget anything. I left the room the way it was, closing the door behind me. I looked left and then right, but saw no signs of Thorne anywhere. I made my way down the hallway and eventually to the main deck of the old cruise ship. There were people all over the deck, talking about what they’re going to do next when we get to Russia and into City 45. Ahead of me I saw a larger group than the average next to the rail at the edge of the ship. There was a lot of shouting and cursing going on.

    I casually made my way over to the large group, curious as to what was going on. I pushed my way through the crowd to see a young girl on the ground, partially covering her face, bleeding from her lip, nose, and had a swollen left eye.

    Above her was a man taller than myself who looked like a brute. He had his right arm raised with his hand in a fist, he was ready to strike the woman again. Without hesitation, the man bought his fist down and hit the girl in her hands that were covering her face. She started crying out in pain.

    “This is all your fault! If it wasn’t for your disloyalty to the Combine, we wouldn’t be in this situation!

    “Knock it off!” I shouted, stepping towards him.

    Without hesitation, the man in front of me turned around and swung at my head. I easily deflected his attack, throwing him into the rail of the ship. He bounced off of it, falling to one knee.

    “You’ll regret that, you pussy!” he shouted, looking up at me, fire in his eyes. By this time, Thorne grabbed the young girl and led her to safety. The large man charged at me, I stepped slightly to the side, grabbed his arm, and threw him on to the ground. I was able to pin his upper body to the ground, but before I could pin his legs to the ground, he kicked me.

    I was thrown off of him, hitting into the side railing of the boat. He then jumped on top of me, and I was able to cover my face with my arms, before he started punching me in the face.

    “Riley!” I could hear Thorne shouting.

    “Someone do something!” I could hear the girl shout, crying. All of a sudden, I heard a gunshot and felt a sticky fluid splatter all over my arms and face. I looked towards where the gunshot went off and saw the hooded man holding my pistol. It must have been knocked out of my waistline when the man kicked me.

    Suddenly I felt a heavy pressure on my chest and I couldn’t breathe. I started to wheezing.

    “Riley, hold on!” I could hear Thorne. He ran over to me and was able to push the man off of me, under the railing, and into the sea. I took a huge breath and just laid there for a second.

    “How did you shoot him?” Thorne asked.

    “I didn’t…that mysterious hooded man did. He was over there!” I said, pointing. Thorne followed my finger and went to investigate.

    “A-are…you okay?” the young girl asked, as she walked over to me. She helped me into a sitting position and sat down next to me. She grabbed on to my arm and sat close to me, clearly still shaken up from her altercation.

    “You’re bleeding!” She looked at my arm, upset that I was injured.

    “I’m fine,” I said, looking around the area. Everyone was gone. All who remained was myself, this young girl, and Thorne, who was now walking back over to me with a box. I looked at him, visually confused.

    “I see you made a new friend,” he winked, putting the box down in front of me. The girl blushed, and let go of my arm, but stayed close to Thorne and I.

    “I couldn’t find him, but I was able to find your gun” he said, handing it to me, “and this box.”

    I opened the box, finding a new suit of clothes with a note at the top that read “Anything for you, Captain.”

    “What?” I said.

    “What is it?” both Thorne and the girl said at the same time.

    “It’s a note…it says ‘Anything for you, Captain.’”

    “How does he know who you are?” Thorne asked, confused.

    “I don’t know…but we need to get out of here before someone else comes and blames this on all of us.”

    Thorne nodded and I stood up, in pain, almost falling over, but the girl helped me maintain my balance. “I got you” she said, with less shakiness in her voice. She must be feeling a little better.

    We made our way back to our room, and I sat down on the bed and took my shirt off. The young girl walked out of the bathroom and sat down next to me on the bed. She grabbed my arm and starting washing the blood off it.

    Thorne was taking the clothing out of the box for me, placing it on the bed next to me.

    “I think she likes you” he said, loud enough for her to hear.

    “Shut up.” I said, she began to blush again, but didn’t say anything. She continued to wash the blood off my arms, chest, and face. I wasn’t bleeding much, but the problem is the blood soaked through the clothing I was wearing and got on to my skin.

    “I never thought I would see this room again.” I said, the girl got up and walked to the bathroom, washing her hands. In this time, I was able to change my clothes. She came back out from the bathroom and Thorne asked her a question.

    “What did he mean by disloyalty to the Combine, early, dear?”

    She sat down next to me, I could tell that she was scared again. Almost afraid to answer. She sat there, holding my arm again and then said “I can tell you two aren’t ordinary citizens…you both look healthy and fight really well…I’ve seen this back in City 08, before we had to evacuated and the city exploded…my name is Miranda, and I was a looking for a way to get away from my boyfriend for a long time now…I was looking for the resistance, I thought they could help me out.”

    Thorne looked at her, shocked. “What is it, Carl?” I asked.

    “I think we can trust her. I remember hearing about a girl that was being abused back in City 08 like this. She was able to speak to Scout, he was able to get her to open up and this is exactly what he told me as well. I forgot the name that he said at the time, but I’m sure it was ‘Miranda.’ Scout said he believed in what she was saying and could see she wanted to join the cause.”

    I nodded. I took her hand and said to her “My name is Captain John Reese, and this is my trusty partner John Thorne, but we go by the names of ‘John Riley’ and ‘Carl Jackson’”.

    Her eyes lit up. “Reese and Thorne!? I heard so much about you two! I can’t believe I finally found you!” she said, hugging me tight.

    “Alright that’s enough” Thorne said, “we need to lay some ground rules down if you want to stay with us.”

    “Anything!” she said.

    “First off, go by our new names. We’re all dead if we get caught.” I said.

    “Secondly,” Thorne chimed in, “never refer to the Resistance or us having any weapons on us, ever, even if you trust the person.”

    She nods. “Okay…I understand. Thank you so much for saving my life!” She hugged me tightly again, crying on my shoulder.

    “Clearly she’s a hugger.” I said, just sitting there. Thorne chuckled.

    “Let’s get going.” Thorne said, “the boat will be docking any moment now.”
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