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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Excerpts from ONMSC Marine transmissions

Discussion in 'Diaries' started by Jaiden, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Jaiden

    Jaiden The real wheelman

    Jul 10, 2013


    <:: ... ::>


    <:: ..Decoding logs.. ::>

    <:: ..Done.. ::>

    <:: Displaying audio logs from team SUNDOWN-3 comprising of six (6) ONMSC marines dispatched to assist OTA troops on the ground.

    <:: Team compromised entirely of GHOST division marines. One (1) EOW, one (1) OWR, three (3) OWS and one (1) OCQ. Note the OCQ is using the newly developed OSISG (Overwatch Standard Infantry Shotgun)

    <:: Log starts after GHOST units have already dropped and are falling from the Nova-Four.


    Team STRIKE-4: "<:: Team SUNDOWN-3 SPOTREP as follows.."

    Team SUNDOWN-3: "<:: Go ahead."

    S-4: "<:: 4 times AC, currently idle around a fire, Grid NOVEMBER-KILO 2-4-3-1-5, DASH, 1-6-7-2-5, wearing City 8 jumpsuits, time now, two have sidearms 9mm spec."

    S-3: "<:: 10-4 STRIKE-4. SUNDOWN-3 will drop at grid NOVEMBER-KILO 2-4-3-9-9, DASH, 1-6-7-9-9, will approach from the north east. ETA 3 minutes."

    S-4: "<:: Copy SUNDOWN-3. STRIKE-4 Holding position. Out."

    <:: Log ends..


    <:: Log begins moments before team SUNDOWN-3 impact at the drop zone.

    Team SUNDOWN-3: "<:: Team STRIKE-4, begin your assault."

    Team STRIKE-4 "<:: 10-4 SUNDOWN-3. Beginning prosecution."

    <:: Log now turns from external comms to internal comms within team SUNDOWN-3.

    EOW 47512: "<:: Team, ready weapons, drop in 30 seconds."

    OWR 47424: "<:: Copy, proceed with strike formation ZULU-4?"

    475: "<:: Afirm. 212 You're up."

    OCQ 21257: "<:: Copy. Been wanting to try out this new shotgun."

    475: "<:: Cut the chatter 212. Team, 15 seconds to impact."

    <:: The recording goes silent for a moment, until approximately 15 seconds have passed, a loud metallic impact noise can be heard, followed by explosive disconnection of all six pod doors.

    475: "<:: Team advance!"

    212: "<:: Copy, taking point. Where's STRIKE-4? They should be here by now."

    475: "<:: Unknown. 474 get on that."

    474: "<:: Copy. .. Team STRIKE-4 this is SUNDOWN-3, what's your 10-20?"

    475: "<:: 112 and 113 stay with 474, the rest with me."

    OWS 11243: "<:: Understood."

    OWS 113245: "<:: Holding position."

    OWS 114245: "<:: With you boss."

    <:: The feed now changes to video from both EOW 475 and OCQ 212.

    The terrain is mostly grassland, with trees dotted about, the weather is clear but slightly windy. In the distance about 45 meters away is what looks like a small cabin, evidence of gunfire is present, and the windows have been barricaded. By now the rest of the team rejoin EOW 475.

    474: "<:: Sir, no response from STRIKE-4."

    475: "<:: Copy. Team, change of plans, assume strike formation FOXTROT."

    212: "<:: Copy, falling behind."

    The team advance on the small cabin, moving as one, just like they were trained. The team stack up on the door, the OCQ taking point.

    474: "<:: Don't use a breach, test out that OSISG."

    212 "<:: *Chuckles.* Copy that."

    From a mix of 212 and 474's camera feeds, you see a standard breach, 212 shooting the locking mechanism off of the door, followed by a grenade from another team member. After the explosion the team pour in, searching the area.

    212: "<:: No evidence of any recent activity sir."

    474: "<:: Mirrored. Everything looks good.. Too good."

    212: "<:: That SPOTREP was only two minutes old from STRIKE-4.. Where did everyone go?"

    By this time the EOW has begun pulling things from walls with ease, using a single hand to lift a sofa up, which reveals a small cardboard box, the EOW pushes the sofa upwards and it falls upside down on the opposite side, the EOW crouches down and opens the tiny box slightly.

    The camera feed can clearly see electronics, and some sort of-

    475: "<:: BOMB! Get clear!"

    The camera feeds go shaky as the squad rushes from the cabin, from close analysis it seems that the OWR made it out the door first, followed by the OCQ, then the EOW. A loud explosion is then heard, followed by the loss of three biosignals.

    <:: End log.

    <:: Log starts approximately 45 seconds after previous ends, full loss of video, biosignal and radio feeds were occuring during this time. Log starts when command regains contact with team SUNDOWN-3.

    ONMSC Nova-Four CnC HQ: "SUNDOWN-3 Report, we just lost three members of your team.."

    NFHQ: "SUNDOWN-3? How copy?"

    EOW 475: "<:: This is SUNDOWN-3, in ambush, standby."

    Another few minutes pass before S-3 releases from radio silence.

    475: "<:: SUNDOWN-3 to NOVA, ready to pass SITREP, over."

    NFHQ: "Go ahead SUNDOWN."

    475: "<:: SUNDOWN-3 sustained 3 casualties, surviving members include my OWR and OCQ. Still mission capable, over."

    NFHQ: "Confirmed S-3. Standby.. .. .. S-3, integrity checks yield that the SPOTREP was performed by a third party, STRIKE-4 was radio silent until a few minutes ago when they reported one KIA, over."

    475: "<:: -Expletive removed-, 10-4, how long until ████████ suport?"

    NFHQ: "████████ unavailable in your area, all units are dedicated to City 8 at this time."

    475: "<:: 10-4. Closest friendly location?"

    NFHQ: "Standby.. .. .. Closest is City 45."

    475: "<:: Understood, enroute now. Out."

    <: 45 minutes pass.

    █████ █████: "SUNDOWN-3, this is █████ White, how copy?"

    475: "<:: Recieving, go ahead."

    White: "SUNDOWN-3, meet me at Outpost █████ for special assignment."

    475: "<:: Requesting takeover auth code."

    White: "Auth code █████████, over."

    475: "<:: 10-4, enroute."

    <:: End Log.


    SUNDOWN-3 will return...
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
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  2. Prophet

    Prophet Jr. Member

    Aug 7, 2016
    Parts Unknown
    Pretty slick so far. I look forward to seeing more.
  3. Jaiden

    Jaiden The real wheelman

    Jul 10, 2013